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3 Practices That Are Essential For Your Mental Wellbeing

King Wen of Zhou
c. 1152-1056 BC

Hi! My name is King Wen of Zhou, so-called "The Civilizing King". I spent a decade of my life imprisoned by my enemy. However, I didn't drown in fear and anxiety. This experience helped me to create the Philosophy of Change (Yijing).

The years of guessing - "will I be executed tomorrow or not" - helped me train the ability to confront uncertainty.

According to the Philosophy of Changes, human exists between heaven and earth, in the area of changes, which are stages on the way to perfection, to the Truth, which in the Eastern philosophy named Dao.

There is a key to deal with uncertainty in this teaching that you can try - being conscious. Cherish the past, plan the future, but focus on the present.

How to apply it to your life?

We will do three simple exercises right now. Increase awareness, connect with nature and connect with people.

Be conscious about every second of your life.

Don't mix up awareness with productivity or broad control. Being conscious means honestly asking yourself and honestly answering to yourself.

What and why am I thinking of just now?

What and why am I feeling just now?

What and why am I doing just now?

If you skipped those questions, I encourage you to return and answer all three right now. Don't wait for an 'appropriate' moment.

Don't be shy or embarrassed about your inner or outer state - there is no one here except you. You feel awkward because of the side glance from the stranger in the metro? It's okay. You overthink the misprints you did in the formal letter to your client? It's fine. Are you laying on the sofa and read this lesson? Amazing.

The first step on the path of change is acceptance. And you just made this step.

Stay connected with the world. And the world starts with your surrounding.

Connect with nature.

Come to the window, open it, and sense - the wind, the heat, the sounds, the colors.

Notice the changes around. Watch and see the movement. The Philosophy of Changes says: "Look around - nature renews, seasons change, but there is no place for uncertainty or rupture."

Connect with people.

Remember, how often did you take people around you for granted? And how often did you regret it later? The Philosophy of Changes teaches: "manifest the Dao in kindness to mankind, maintain it in your actions."

Make a call.

Share something helpful.

Now, as you did these three exercises, you made a significant step toward a better version of yourself. You had a chance to increase awareness, connect with nature and people.

You can't imagine how it may change your life in the future.

So, the philosophy of changes teaches us that uncertainty is an essential part of the Universe, which comes from changes. Try to practice the exercises every time it recalls, and become more and more conscious about your life. Once it becomes a habit, you will ask yourself automatically, your awareness will be your armor, your sieves of truth.

Changes are irreversible so deciding how to live with them and learn from them is necessary.

King Wen of Zhou
c. 1152-1056 BC

King of Zhou state, leading figure in building the subsequent Western Zhou dynasty, father of King Wu of Zhou - the first Zhou dynasty king. Many of the hymns of the Classic of Poetry are praises to the legacy of King Wen. Some consider him the first epic hero of Chinese history.

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