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Reduce anxiety and get to know yourself better

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What's inside?

Why should you download it?

The Best Stoic Exercises eBook is 3 in 1: a collection of exercises, a guided journal, and a book on philosophy.

We chose Stoicism as a foundation as one of the most practical philosophy schools. It stood the test of time for 2000 years and was admired by such people as Bill ClintonArnold SchwarzeneggerJK Rowling, or Thomas Jefferson (had Seneca on his nightstand when he died).

The design and layout came out of 4 months of research that we did about what makes productivity and anxiety-reducing practices effective. We've tried more than 40 other journals, frameworks, and methods in the past and spotted many flaws in them. 

This eBook is created to help you cope with stressimprove your decisions, and become a better person.

And we know when it comes to bringing philosophy to real life, it's crucial to keep the depth of thinking while also not overcomplicating things.

What's the result? We've spent 185 hours creating this book. It gathers main ideas from the primary texts of Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus, with the easy-to-follow guidance and engaging format.

A word from a founder

Hi! I'm Sviat, and I have a huge passion for philosophy, science, classical literature, art, and cognitive psychology.

Why I created this newsletter?  

After reading more than 500 books (80% of which are primary sources) and founding an applied philosophy club, I decided to share the ideas that fascinated me the most here.

Why do I need this?

Think of Alter Ego as a temple where you came to learn about yourself and work on your mental strength, reduce anxiety, and even find your life meaning with the help of the greatest thinkers who ever lived.

Exercises are covering more than 2500 years of history of thought, from Socrates and Plato to Jung and Frankl.

Ok... so what's inside?

I wrote the exercises as if the best minds of all times would write a blog.

Imagine if Julius Caesar teaches you productivity, Marcus Aurelius - mental strength, and Nietzsche - how to love your fate.

Every post here is just my understanding and translation of the best thought experiments and mental models I could find in a simple and engaging format.

So let's begin your journey! Start with Dichotomy of Control exercise as one of the most fundamental Stoic concepts, and continue with whatever you like next.



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